Exclusive complimentary Davos offer for YPO members: 

Unlock your full potential for health, longevity and performance by learning more about your genetics

How can I improve my resilience and performance? Am I at increased risk for chronic illnesses like metabolic disorders (diabetes) or neurodegenerative diseases (like dementia) later in life? What’s the best and most effective way for me to train – how often, what kind of exercises, and how much rest do I need between sessions? What should I eat – what foods should I avoid, or should I focus on?

Answers to these and many more questions can be found in our Genes, our blueprint for life.

While some of the genes we inherit from our parents may cause rare diseases that cannot be prevented – for most of our genes, we have it in our hands whether or not both the «good» ones and the «bad» ones are switched «on» or «off» through our lifestyle choices, habits and the way we train, eat and supplement.

Knowing your genetic makeup plays a critical role for long-term health and longevity, for optimal performance, and to prevent illness later in life.

Biolytica, our portfolio health data company, is a global leader in providing tools and strategies for health optimization. Their NEXUS health data platform offers a unique health analytics toolkit that’s usually only available for professionals, and through their AIME program Biolytica’s clinical team offers concierge health optimization strategies to select individuals around the globe.

For all members of the YPO present at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Biolytica is offering a complementary genetic test and consultation to allow YOU all that you should know about yourself.

The test is quick and easy (a simple finger prick blood-spot test that takes only a few minutes to do) and will, in combination with the complimentary consultation through of experts, provide insights that may literally be life-changing – since our Genes don’t change, but our actions based on the knowledge you gain from this test can lead to a path of optimal performance, quality of life and extended lifespan.

If you’re interested in this offer that is normally priced at USD 2’500.- for regular customers, book an appointment during the Davos 2023 week with our CEO Dr. Rob Konrad at 

+41 78 408 5733 

(via text/WhatsApp/phone), mentioning “Biolytica YPO”.