Webinar-on-demand Unlocking the potential of health data for preventive medicine and longevity

An increasingly growing amount and potential of health data is at our disposal, presenting an opportunity to support truly personalized health interventions and optimizations. At the same time, based on scientific estimates, medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days.

As a clinician who is focusing on prevention, longevity, or health optimization – how do you keep up with all this information? Each of your patients may be the source of hundreds of gigabytes of data – comprising information from laboratory tests, genomic analyses, biomarkers, medical history, wearables, information about habits, sleep, nutrition… How do we manage this data to gain meaningful health insights by using the potential of health data and “filter through the noise”? What are the tests that you really want to focus on? How can you use all of this information to guide your patients to create truly personalized intervention plans for maximum impact?

In this on-demand webinar, the following topics are discussed:

  • Best practices in data-driven testing and diagnostics for health optimization & longevity
  • Wearable devices – How do you find the best devices in the confusingly overcrowded market? What insights can clinicians gain from wearable data? How do you increase patient compliance with the help of wearables?
  • Challenges in health data collection and processing from a legal and administrative perspective
  • Personalizing health interventions using the power of data – how to keep patients returning to your clinic

Let's dive into the data-rich preventive healthcare landscape, discuss how to find the best strategies based on data, and be part of the conversation about using data to promote healthier and longer lives.

The live webinar was streamed on 12.12.2023.