On Demand Webinar “Preventive health & longevity biomarkers:
An overview”

What biomarkers have the greatest predictive power in defining health and lifespan? What parameters are the easiest to measure and inexpensive to test, while still delivering useful insights into your patient's health? How do you standardize your health programs while still delivering personalized medicine?

Join us for an informative journey into ‘Preventive Health and Longevity Biomarkers: An Overview,' a webinar crafted for clinicians and managers in preventive and precision medicine, longevity, and wellness. This session aims to provide practical knowledge about choosing, categorizing, appraising, and analyzing health and longevity biomarkers, enabling professionals to craft data-driven health programs and enhance the efficiency of interventions and treatments.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Biomarker Exploration: Delve into a detailed discussion on various biomarkers, including blood biomarkers, omics tests, physiological, and psychological assessments. Explore their predictive value, testing specifics, and pricing for a nuanced understanding.
  • Tailoring Biomarkers to Your Clinic: Join us for a discussion on selecting an optimal set of biomarkers aligned with the unique needs of your facility and receive strategies for customizing biomarker profiles to elevate precision in preventive health, longevity, and wellness practices.
  • Advanced Health Data Processing: Engage in discussions covering cutting-edge techniques, methods, and scoring systems for efficient health data processing, providing actionable insights.

The live webinar was broadcasted on 06.02.23.

About the speaker:
Dr. Francois-Xavier Pellay, PhD
Head of Biomedical Sciences and Research at Biolytica

Francois is a scientist and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the longevity industry and a life-long passion for science and aging. He is a multidisciplinary scientist with background which include a Master degree in Biochemistry and in Organic Chemistry, a PhD in Bioinformatics and years of expertise in the Biology of Aging. Francois brings with him 11 years of experience as a researcher and director of research for aging and longevity in the cosmetics industry in France. He also worked as the head of the longevity and rejuvenation group in a research institute in Croatia. For the past 3 years, Francois has started several longevity companies all focused on the application of his scientific discoveries toward a longer and healthier life.


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