Biolytica NEXUS

Augment health experience for your clients by engaging the power of health data

The Biolytica | NEXUS platform has been researched and built for you, the clinician and longevity professional, to plan, monitor, assess and integrate your clients’ health and longevity in a way that is clear and human-centered.

By engaging the power of health data and advanced analytics, we’re unlocking the secrets of human health and the path to more personalized patient journeys.

Biolytica NEXUS platform provides everything you need to take patient interactions and customer data management to the next level. Here's what you can expect:
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Patient management simplified

Win for your clinicians extra time for dedicated patient care – NEXUS will take care of sorting and keeping track of data in one place.


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Building long-lasting relationships with your clients

Enable personalized approach for every patient– invite them to co-create their individual health journeys and offer them additional services that they would actually want.

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Value proposition to make you stand out

Your medical offering might become your unique selling point. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your services and strategies and continuously improve your interventions using the value of patient data.

Clinician View

  • Engage patients in their unique customizable health journey
  • Create a customizable longevity dashboard with aging clocks
  • Get a full genomics with impacted pathways
  • Integrate data from labs and analyze biomarkers, wearable and home health devices
  • Track and adjust supplements & medication plan

Patient View & Companion App

  • Communicate with the client – create stickiness outside clinic visits
  • Manage and track interventions across multiple physicians
  • Monitor client biomarkers in realtime
  • Vizualise your clients health progress
  • Easily integrate your interactions with client with the help of companion app – send messages and notifications and  receive daily updates (e.g. pictures of client‘s meals and self-assessment test results)  
Our Services

Your possibilities with Biolytica NEXUS

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Collect, aggregate and securely store clinical notes, imaging, laboratory reports like genomics, blood and lifestyle biomarkers

Create unique plans for your clients, monitor their progress and health-promoting activity

Make sense of the data and help your clients unlock new insight into their health – while remaining human-centric in your approach.

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