The Biolytica Nexus Platform


The Biolytica Nexus Platform

The Biolytica | NEXUS platform has been researched and built for you, the clinician and longevity professional, to plan, monitor, assess and integrate your clients’ health and longevity in a way that is clear and human-centred.

Using the power of big data and advanced analytics, the innovative BIOLYTICA |NEXUS platform provides solutions for health and longevity institutes, companies, and clinics.

Connected and Inspired

Through an innovative and customised digital dashboard, you are able to see the health status of all of your clients.
Customise alerts for each health panel and effortlessly drill down deeply into any data being monitored. The BIOLYTICA | NEXUS platform allows you to collect, aggregate and securely store clinical notes, imaging, laboratory reports like genomics, blood and lifestyle biomarkers.

Now, you are empowered with precise data and the ability to concisely measure outcomes. Create a unique plan for your client, monitor their progress and health-promoting activity, assess the suitability of your treatment for the individual, and facilitate change in their lives.

Remaining Human-centered

We believe that aggregating genomics, pharmacogenomics, epigenetics, biomarkers, wearable-device data and modifiable lifestyle patterns, unlocks new insight into the complexity of human healthspan and longevity.

Unlike anything seen before, BIOLYTICA | NEXUS now provides you – the clinician and healthcare professional – the ability to rethink your client’s journey towards better health and longevity.

Combining data analytics, machine learning, a team of experienced longevity professionals and a deep respect for the intelligence observed in nature, we have created something revolutionary.

We recognise your client’s uniqueness in this universe. We believe our unique BIOLYTICA | NEXUS platform will help them navigate the complex challenges of a journey to ultimate healthspan, performance and longevity.