Biolytica NEXUS Platform Updates for Enhanced Health Insights

This December, we’re happy to present you exciting updates from Biolytica NEXUS!  We hope that you will enjoy these platform upgrades, enhancing the overall experience for clinicians and providing advanced clinical insights. 

Explore the following key advancements:

• Pathway Matrix Updates: Clinicians can now navigate cellular, system, cardiovascular, energy, activity, and nutrient pathways with unprecedented ease, accessing detailed information about body processes and connections. 

• Automated Lab Reports Processing: Any laboratory data can now be simply uploaded into the platform as a PDF – all values will be normalized according to your preferred units, allowing you to proceed with analyzing health insights right away.

• Health Monitoring: Track behavioral, activity, and sleep changes with enhanced precision and convenient scoring – get a quick progress overview or a detailed picture of your patient's lifestyle changes and health insights.

Download the PDF to learn more about the Biolytica NEXUS updates: